• Leadership:  We set standards in our Education system & are an exemplar to the Education Industry. 

  • Integrity:  We work with honesty, transparency & highest ethical standards & stand to the test of public scrutiny.

  • Independence:  We believe in Intellectual freedom & we are independent in our financial, Institutional, academic planning & decision making process;

  • Diversity:  We are free from any dominant culture or prevalent dogma, we respect views of others, we learn through exchange of Ideas & experiences.

  • Unity:  We work cohesively & build strong partnerships across the world to strengthen the Education system.

  • Excellence: We continuously strive to deliver Excellence in everything we do


  • • Fostering the development of human values, cultural awareness & ethical/moral values.

  • • Creating a sense of “Identity/ Discovery” & make them self reliable & independent.

  • • Stimulating “curiosity & inquiry” into whatever they are learning.

  • • Instilling Self-Confidence & equipping them with the confidence to take on anything in the world.

  • • Equipping students with the skills to learn, acquire knowledge both individually & collaboratively.

  • • Providing relevant content while responding to the current industry requirements.

  • • Make them true Business Leaders.